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  • Are you a medium sized organisation without an experienced Human Resource Professional on staff?
  • Do you need advice on an employment or people management issue that’s outside your experience?
  • Are you an HR practitioner who needs advice or a second professional opinion?

People management issues can take up a lot of time for busy executives and managers.  At Workplace Management Network we understand businesses often need to deal with complex people management issues effectively and quickly.

At WMN we’re problem solvers! We help answer your people management questions and solve your people management problems. Contact us for a short FREE HR Health Check.

Our consultants have experience as senior in-house HR managers so we know how to deal with the ‘tricky’ people issues that come up from time to time.  Whether you need us to point you in the right direction, draft suitable documentation, or manage the situation on your behalf, we can help you.

Talk to us about HR advisory packages.  We can provide regular HR support to your management team throughout a period of change, to help a new HR practitioner ‘learn the ropes’ as they settle into your organisation, to manage the selection process for a senior appointment or on an ongoing basis.

HR advisory packages

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Thank you Dr Helen Sitlington for an insightful and inspiring presentation at my book launch (Workplace Abuse, Incivility & Bullying: Methodological and Cultural Perspectives). Your presentation clearly demonstrated the complexities associated with managing and investigating workplace bullying scenarios. Your suggestions for future action, were sound, and practical, and invaluable for any modern workplace with an interest in people, performance, and productivity.
Best regards

Associate Professor
Maryam Omari.

insightful and inspiring
Dean of School of Business & Law, Edith Cowan University

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For a confidential discussion about how we can assist your company, contact Helen on 0419 005 548 or