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Whole Organisations

We undertake broad, whole of organisational reviews identifying underlying issues that have given rise to problems or complaints.  We have extensive experience in developing systems to improve business performance or to reduce the likelihood of future complaints or grievances.


Executive Managers and Boards

We can work directly with the CEO, Executive Management or the Board.  By working with the decision makers, changes are implemented from the top down, ensuring credibility and top level support.

If an investigation involves a senior employee, a member of the HR team or is extremely sensitive the perception of independence is vital.  In these situations our Investigators work with your legal counsel, CEO or Board Chair.


HR Managers

Reviews and Investigations are usually commissioned through your HR department, with the HR Manager briefing our team, providing relevant background material, policies and procedures.  This ensures our work is conducted within any organisation specific parameters or guidelines.


Business Unit Managers

Some organisations don’t have an HR department or devolve responsibility for many HR matters to business unit managers.  We work with managers and can guide them where necessary to ensure the change or the investigation process is effective, timely and well accepted.


Individual Employees

Our consultants are usually engaged by organisations so we don’t work on behalf of any individual employee.  However, we deal with individual employees and teams and always seek to build rapport with them to ensure changes can be implemented effectively.

We also undertake individual skill development planning and coaching and deliver training programs to facilitate aspects of the organisational change process.

Business success through effective workplace management

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For a confidential discussion about how we can assist your company, contact Helen on 0419 005 548 or helen@wpmn.com.au

Thank you Dr Helen Sitlington for an insightful and inspiring presentation at my book launch (Workplace Abuse, Incivility & Bullying: Methodological and Cultural Perspectives). Your presentation clearly demonstrated the complexities associated with managing and investigating workplace bullying scenarios. Your suggestions for future action, were sound, and practical, and invaluable for any modern workplace with an interest in people, performance, and productivity.
Best regards

Associate Professor
Maryam Omari.

insightful and inspiring
Dean of School of Business & Law, Edith Cowan University

How can we help

For a confidential discussion about how we can assist your company, contact Helen on 0419 005 548 or helen@wpmn.com.au