AHRI Certification

I’m sure many of you are aware of our professional body, the Australian Human Resource Institute (AHRI). I’ve been actively involved with AHRI all my working life (nearly 30 years!) and am currently the State President. You may not be aware though that AHRI has embarked on a process to “set the bar” for the HR profession in Australia by clearly defining what good HR is through professional certification. AHRI certification distinguishes HR professionals who are practising effective and business-savvy HR, and are capable of bringing their HR expertise to the role of true partner to businesses.

Obtaining HR certification demonstrates that professional knowledge and skills have been assessed as being at a high level of expertise, combined with demonstrated commitment to continuous professional development in order to stay in touch with contemporary HR practice.

I’ve been fortunate enough to participate in the pilot AHRI Certification process and have become one of the first HR practitioners in Australia to gain Certification – I’m now a FAHRI-CP. That means as well as being a Fellow of the institute, I’ve also been assessed as a Certified Practitioner. In short, it means I know what I’m talking about and can help you and your business find the right solutions to your people management problems. Find out more about what AHRI certification means by linking to their website