Organisational Development

  • Do you need to improve your business performance?
  • Is your organisation experiencing performance issues, turnover, friction or conflict?
  • Are you trying to introduce changes?

If you feel your business could perform better but poor culture, ‘silos’, inflexible organisation structures and practices are holding you back we can help you identify the problems and develop strategies that will improve your business performance.

High turnover, grievances, complaints and ‘people problems’ all impact on your business performance.  Our consultants can help you overcome these issues and obstacles by identifying underlying issues and the things that need to change.

Our strategic advice and planning will help you get your company back on track. We can undertake a complete review of your structure and functions, research best practices in your industry, devise organisational structure options to support your service or product delivery and then help you to implement the changes across your workforce.

Business success through effective workplace management

Our approach

The first thing our consultants do is to talk to you and your team to make sure we understand your business.  Once we get to know the business and what’s going on we can tailor our advice to your business needs.

We collect and analyse data from your business.  We don’t just deliver pre-packaged solutions, we ask questions first; interviewing staff and conducting focus groups.  This is how we diagnose the people and culture issues that are hindering performance.  Armed with information about your business, we analyse what’s really causing the problems.  We then work with you to develop plans, strategies and interventions that tackle root causes.

We help you and your team effectively implement changes and assist you to evaluate outcomes and support the new structure or operations.


Our expertise

We know what we’re talking about when it comes to effective change management, organisational restructuring and redesign.  Our team has many years of practical experience as well qualifications including:

  • Doctorates in Organisational Restructuring and Performance Management
  • CIPD Advanced Award in Organisation Design & Development
  • MBAs
  • Certificate IV in Training and Assessment


We also draw on a broad suite of tools to help us assess and evaluate your workplace and individual employee needs.  Developing individual and group competency development programs where needed.  Diagnostic tools we use include:

  • Genos Emotional Intelligence Assessment
  • DISC profiling
  • Strengths Deployment Inventory (SDI)
  • Myer Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)
  • Professional Coaching
  • PRINT® and other diagnostic and development tools.


We also have expertise in capability development – so we can analyse what capabilities your team require moving forward.  We can devise individual and team skill development plans, develop and deliver bespoke training programs, deliver appropriate training programs through our association with the Australian Human Resource Institute, conduct coaching and mentoring or advise on other available options.

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Thank you Dr Helen Sitlington for an insightful and inspiring presentation at my book launch (Workplace Abuse, Incivility & Bullying: Methodological and Cultural Perspectives). Your presentation clearly demonstrated the complexities associated with managing and investigating workplace bullying scenarios. Your suggestions for future action, were sound, and practical, and invaluable for any modern workplace with an interest in people, performance, and productivity.
Best regards

Associate Professor
Maryam Omari.

insightful and inspiring
Dean of School of Business & Law, Edith Cowan University

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For a confidential discussion about how we can assist your company, contact Helen on 0419 005 548 or