Bullying and Harassment Advice

With her wealth of experience in workplace investigations, particularly into bullying and harassment, Helen recently spoke to business leaders, academics, and government officials on Workplace Bullying at the inaugural Edith Cowan University Flashlight Event. The presentation gave insights into:

  • Who is affected by bullying?
  • How common is bullying?
  • What is (and isn’t) bullying according to the Fair Work Act?

Helen drew on her extensive practical experience investigating bullying and other workplace issues to illustrate:

  • common workplace traits that can lead to bullying,
  • patterns of behaviour that can leave workplaces and individuals open to allegations of bullying, and
  • gave insights into why bullying in workplaces is on the rise.

Most importantly Helen gave the audience practical advice on how to avoid leaving your workplace open to bullying claims.

Edith Cowan University Flashlight Event

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