Workplace Investigations

  • Has an employee lodged a grievance about a person or situation in the workplace?
  • Have you received a complaint about one of your staff?
  • Do you need an independent external review by an experienced objective professional?

As a Licenced Inquiry Agent (No: IA59159) Workplace Management Network provides Workplace Investigation and Inquiry, Dispute Resolution and Mediation Services. Our Investigators are experienced in undertaking high quality workplace investigations and inquiries, managing disciplinary matters, and resolving disputes on behalf of private companies, not for profit organisations and within the public sector. We are well versed in Fair Work Act provisions as well as legislation governing the operation of state and local government bodies.

Matters we investigate include employee grievances, bullying and harassment allegations, complaints of inappropriate or unprofessional behaviour, misconduct or serious misconduct, breaches of policies, procedures and Codes of Conduct. We can conduct an independent external investigation or manage the grievance or disciplinary process on your behalf.

We can also undertake preliminary enquiries to ascertain if there is a more serious matter to be investigated or review previous investigation processes that have been undertaken. Where there are concerns but no specific complaint for investigation, we conduct workplace inquiries to ascertain the workplace climate, and recommend remedial actions. Mediation is also available where this is the appropriate approach to resolution of the dispute.

Workplace Management Network is a panel member for the Common Use Agreement for Government Investigation Services (CUA HRS2015). As well as providing you with findings regarding allegations our comprehensive, peer reviewed reports stand up to external scrutiny. Our reports include recommendations for actions you can take to reduce the chances of a similar situation arising again. This protects your company from potential problems in the future and helps to ensure your ongoing business success.

We typically undertake face to face interviews with those involved in investigations and inquiries, however we can also provide remote Investigation, Inquiry, Dispute Resolution and Mediation Services, using online meeting platforms.

Business success through effective workplace management

Our Expertise

Our team of investigators has on average over 20 years’ experience conducting investigations and managing grievances.  Together with practical experience, team qualifications include:

  • Cert III in Investigation Services
  • Cert IV in Government Investigations
  • Licensed Investigators
  • Licensed Inquiry Agent (IA59159) under the Security and Related Activities Control Act (WA)
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Thank you Dr Helen Sitlington for an insightful and inspiring presentation at my book launch (Workplace Abuse, Incivility & Bullying: Methodological and Cultural Perspectives). Your presentation clearly demonstrated the complexities associated with managing and investigating workplace bullying scenarios. Your suggestions for future action, were sound, and practical, and invaluable for any modern workplace with an interest in people, performance, and productivity.
Best regards

Associate Professor
Maryam Omari.

insightful and inspiring
Dean of School of Business & Law, Edith Cowan University

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For a confidential discussion about how we can assist your company, contact Helen on 0419 005 548 or